The team behind the Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile has been working together since 2005 when it founded the Specialized Institute for Apparel and Textile. We are an NGO committed to offering consultancy services in the field of the textile and tailoring industries; providing training in all stages of production, planning of the production cycle, the management and marketing of enterprises operating in the above mentioned or other related fields.

In the course of its long active presence, the organization has gained valuable experience and expertise related to the textile industry in Bulgaria and the problems and prospects of this field. Members of the Board of Directors are Mr. Wolfgang Weiss – an internationally distinguished expert in textile and clothing and Mrs. Petya Milusheva who for many years now has been heading the Project for Supporting the Textile and Tailoring Industries.

Today the successor of the Specialized Institute for Apparel and Textile is the Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile. This is a logical step forward in the development of the cluster as a progressive and dynamic organization proudly representing one of the most promising business sectors in our country. We identify ourselves as a clustered organization and this fully reflects our membership structure and our strategic goals for our role in the field and on international markets.

Goals of the organization:

The goals of the cluster are the following:

  • To support and stimulate the development of the international market positions of the textile and clothing sector in world markets
  • To assist in the process of combining resources among its members in order to increase the sector’s export capacities
  • To assist in the interaction among companies, non-governmental organizations and research centers in order to support the production and technological development of small and medium-sized enterprises from the textile and clothing industries as well as new job creation
  • To provide guidance on projects for technological renovation and implementation of innovations in order to reduce final product costs
  • To protect the interests of its members before the legislative, executive and local authorities and unions
  • To promote the development of a favorable legal and financial environment, to assist in the establishment of a favorable taxation and investment setting which offers an incentive for new job creation
  • To motivate its members by assisting in the creation of a favorable economic environment for the development of their activities and in the improvement of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian textile and clothing industry on the international market
  • To support the realization of sales turnover based on ethical and honest market behavior and mutual interest
  • To improve the system for enhancing education and qualification for its members
  • To implement programs and projects for improving labor conditions in member companies
  • To work for the quick and favorable resolution of all issues concerning the interests of the tailoring and textile business in Bulgaria before all public and state authorities and third persons
  • To realize connections and cooperation with related national and international organizations, associations and commercial companies in order to fulfill mutual objectives; to realize opportunities for exchanging experience in the tailoring and textile field so that all achievements can be studied and effectively used.
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