The team of SCIAT-Danube have started work on a new project “ICT IN TEXTILE AND CLOTHING HIGHER EDUCATION AND BUSINESS”

The aim of the project is to develop a curriculum and syllabuses that meet the requirements of the business to the specialists working in the field of textile and clothing design and production.

The project responds to the tremendous need for industry executives, especially those who can work with CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM systems requiring a higher level of ICT proficiency.

The syllabus will be structured in modules. Some of them will be suitable for all industries, for example, Introduction to Informatics and Information Technology, Quality Control, Entrepreneurship, etc., others will be targeted to a particular industry, such as Design and Production of Knitted Products, Design and Production of Fabrics, Design and Production of Clothing, etc.

Individual modules will be developed by university professors, with the active involvement of consortium associations, clusters, business companies and a centre of continuous training. The development of individual modules will be done in separate work packages, with a leading partner depending on the specifics of the module.


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