Case studies

In 2019 the "Specialized Cluster and Institute for Apparel and Textile - Danube" (SCIAT-Danube) started a partnership project "Open and responsible partnership management between citizens, the business and the Employment Agency for the improvement of the socio-economic environment in the textile and clothing sector" BG05SFOP001-2.009-0027-C01 with the Employment Agency under the procedure BG05SFOP001-2.009 "Increasing citizen participation in the processes of formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and legislation" Operational Program "Good Governance" 2014-2020.

In the frame of the project SCIAT-Danube established an active partnership with the Employment Agency (EA), which in its capacity as an executive agency at the MLSP is responsible for the implementation of the state policy on employment promotion.

The project proposal aims to overcome the existing imbalance in demand and supply of working force at the national level. Through their partnership, SCIAT-Danube and the EA tried to stimulate the Bulgarian business in the textile and apparel industry to overcome existing structural mismatches, namely labor shortages. The project proposal have been based entirely on analyzing the labor market situation in the sector through a set of activities - survey, analysis, training, round table and publicity of project results.

The SCIAT-Danube team studied the needs of the sewing and textile industry by analyzing the labor market problems and formulating proposals for solving them. The project aimed to support the Employment Agency by issuing recommendations for improving its activity and regulating the labor market processes in the contemporary conditions.

Result of the implementation of the project:

  • achieving partnership between citizens, SCIAT-Danube, the EA and the textile and apparel sector 
  • increasing the activity of SCIAT-Danube and the business in the implementation of the policy for employment promotion in the industry 
  • improving the socio-economic environment in the textile and apparel sector as a result of the synergies achieved between the public and the EA.
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