Best practices

Best practice projects:

  • Cooperation and consultancy for improving textile and clothing companies’ performance
  • Organization of various seminars on industry issues such as Marketing in Retail, Practical qualification of seamstresses, Clothing Industry Costs Controlling, Marketing and Distribution; seminars for middle managers
  • Organization of trainings for fashion designers; trainers; methodologies for conducting practical trainings
  • Participation in annual regional conferences such as Corporate Social Responsibility and the International Textile and Apparel Conference organized by BAATPE every year
  • eBIZ-TCF (electronic Business in the Textile & Clothing and Footwear Industry) – by order of EURATEX from 2008 till now
  • Various GTZ-Projects “Economic and employment promotion” in Bulgaria, Romania, and Macedonia from 2005 till now
  • PPP-Projects (Private Public Partnership) in Bulgaria – Corporate Project of GTZ and the Company PIRINT-TEX/Rollmann, Gotze Delchev from 2005 till 2008
  • PPP-Project in Bulgaria – GTZ and the company BTB, Ruse from 2008 till 2009
  • Project “Development of an Adult Training Centre Network” within a PHARE Programs in Bulgaria, from 2008 till 2009
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